Advantages and Disadvantages Historical Registration

Vehículo historico



  • Exemption from payment of the municipal tax. It depends on each municipality.
  • Greater frequency mandatory inspections (ITV), which can be extended up to five years depending on the car’s features (ranging from two to five years).
  • Cheaper insurance: insurance policies of these vehicles are cheaper, as they have a loss ratio of nearly 20% compared to range between 50% and 70% of regular cars. There are also certain specific historic vehicle clubs, with special prices to secure multiple copies.
  • Exemptions new laws control emissions, noise …


  • Costs: all processes have to be paid and the final price exceed the 600 euros. In addition, the necessary documentation is very large and involves long.
  • Limitations of the insurance companies: insurance companies apply restrictions and provisions on policies, such as the number of kilometers traveled per year, the frequency of use or traffic routes.
  • Restrictions of use: according to the technical characteristics of the car, the technical inspection (ITV) card may be limited: those vehicles, which by its antiquity or constructive features, do not have optical lighting and signage required by the legislation, systems may not move between the setting and the rising of the Sun, or in circumstances that make it necessary to the use of such systems.
  • Limitations on Road: historic vehicles that are not able to overcome the speed of 40 Km per hour, consigned by the shoulder if it were practicable and sufficient, or failing that as close as possible to the right outer edge of the roadway, except when going to be overtaking or a left turn. Historical vehicles not consigned by motorway or dual carriageway if they do not reach as minimum 60 km. / hour. Also, by decision of the General Directorate of traffic, be prohibited in certain dates and routes, the circulation of vehicles that are not able to overcome the speed of 80 km. / hour. Due to its historical vehicle condition, the State can appeal to new rights acquired on the same, how to request it for an exhibition or event.


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